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 Mechanical features
- Measuring range:
   X axis 130 mm (Ø 260 mm)
   Z axis 360 mm
- Zero setting with certified gauge
   Risolutions: X axis = 1 µm
                    Z axis = 5 µm
- Manual axes movements

 Electronics features
- Optoelectronics linear scales.
- 3,9" colour LCD (80x60mm) with
  Touch Screen system.
- Colour LCD - C-MOS camera vision
   sensor;  640x480 pixel resolution.
- 12,5 / 25X Zoom
- Standard functions:
  mm/inch - abs/incr - rad/ diam
N° 1 serial port: RS 232 C

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 Base and column

Ground granite base and column. The movement accuracy of both X and Z axes is guaranteed by the granite supporting surfaces, the same technology used for three dimensional measuring machines, due to its high grade of stability over time.

 Camera vision system

Innovative and exclusive camera vision system with colour LCD and Touch-Screen function.The C-Mos image sensor together with the STN screen, allows very accurate measurements of every kind of tool profile. This method is completely automatic: it allows the measurement of the tool profile, simply bringing it on the screen. Radii and angles measurement is automatic too. It is enough to frame the tool profile on the screen and all ts geometric characteristics will be measured in real time and automatically, without any X and Z axes additional  movements Focusing bars for the both axes, allow 100% repeatability and reproducibility BIOS updating through Internet allows updating of the electronic software, without any costs. In conclusion, an incomparable technology, joining together practicality and ease of use with accuracy and lack of errors.


The rotating spindle, unique in its way, follows an exclusive projectingscheme based on 6 mini-bearings with radial concentricity error compensation. Manufactured  in ISO/BT/Cat 50 and 40 standard execution, it can accommodate any kind of adaptor such as Hsk,Vdi, Capto, Km, etc. The spindle rotation brake allows measuring of boring bars, preventing rotation during the measurement.

 Axes movements

The X and Z axes movement is manual rapid.  In order to make seeking the tool profile simple and mediate (framed on the screen), we have included additional rapid adjustment hand-wheels for both the X and Z axes Therefore the measure is very fast and easy with axes positioning fast for the image visualisation on the screen. In its market the WASP is the only machine with such a possibility. The mechanism designed simple and maintenance free.


- From ISO/BT/CAT50 to:

  HSK/VDI/CAPTO/KM adapters
- From ISO/BT/CAT40 to:
  HSK/VDI/CAPTO/KM adapters
- Special adapters on request

 Overall dimensions

- Length: 512 mm

Height: 827 mm
- Depth: 406 mm
Weight: 45 kg

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