4305 CNC Vortex Plus Toz-Talaş Emme Sistemi

Stoktan Teslim

Menşei : İtalya



Suitable for nesting operations to help dust extraction.


Flat table CNC router.


Vortex Plus is a very easy to assemble system, it replaces the standard clamping nut directly on the collet chuck, suitable for any kind of HSK or ISO 30 chuck it is available for ER32, ER40 and Din6388 (EOC25) collets with RH rotation. New turbine design with dust extraction opening toward the top and perfectly closed on the perimeter presents several advantages as :

  • Absolutely noiseless due to the absence of air turbulences caused by perimeter openings, the system is completely closed outside
  • Perfect upward dust conveyance directly to the CNC machine extraction system
  • It improves panel and machine cleanliness saving time in the production process
  • Built with ERGAL special light alloy with surface hardening treatment
  • Perfectly balanced G2,5 at 20000 RPM
  • Nr. 6 tightening notches for a easier clamping
  • Single packed in plastic box- clamping key included
Teknik Bilgi
Ürün KoduAçıklamad1d2
4305 110 000Vortex D. 110 ER 32 RH - M40x1,56068
4305 120 000Vortex D. 120 ER 40 RH - M50x1,57078
4305 120 001Vortex D. 120 DIN 6388 RH - M48x27078
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