4315 CNC Hidrolik Vortex Plus Toz-Talaş Emme Sistemi

Stoktan Teslim

Menşei : İtalya



Vortex dust estraction system is assembled on Hydro clamping cucks Manufactured in light alloy material with hardness surface treatment available with 120 mm diameter. Special design with opening slots on the upper part and completely closed on the perimeter allows to convey all chips and dust upwards directly in the aspiration system pipes leaving the machine table and work pieces absolutely clean. Not having any side opening the Hydro Vortex become absolutely noiseless device. Specially indicated for Nesting operations, sizing and profiling with solid HW spiral cutters, PCD cutters straight or profiled. Max RPM 20000, G2.5 balancing grade.

Teknik Bilgi
Ürün KoduAçıklamaD x D1 x H
4315 110 000Hydro Vortex D.100110x60x80
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Bilgi Al

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