9043 Sunta-Lam Ve Mdf-Lam Kesim Testereleri (Düz-Düz-Trapez Diş)

Stoktan Teslim

Menşei : İtalya



Low-noise universal saw blades made by noise absorbing materials. Thanks to the special laser cuts, their form, position and number is possible to obtain a lot of advantages like: vibration free, better cut quality and high noise level reduction. High quality finishing on panel surface even without scoring balde. High cutting resistance thanks to sharpening shape TFF – Flat Trapezoidal Trapezoidal.

Teknik Bilgi
9043 250 32 30 F782503,22,230PH2781
9043 300 32 30 F963003,22,230PH2961
9043 350 35 30 F1083503,52,530PH2108 1
Bilgi Al

Bilgi Al

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